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VS2010 SP1 problem locating OpenCL.Net project


Upon a fresh checkout, loading Brahma.sln within VS2010 SP1 causes an error for me (attached), stating that it cannot locate the supporting OpenCL.Net project. It exists, and is indeed located in the correct path location. Removing and re-adding solves the problem. Weird.

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dcuccia wrote May 8, 2011 at 4:21 AM

Just a few more notes to others that may have this or related problems:
  • I had to subsequently re-add references (in the "Add Reference" -> "Projects" tab) to the OpenCL.Net project
  • In multiple projects the SolutionInfo.cs link underneath the "Properties" virtual folder was broken. To fix, need to 1) remove, 2) "Add..." -> "Existing Item", selecting SolutionInfo.cs at the base source folder making sure to "Add As Link" in the combo button at the bottom, and 3) drag the link back into the Properties virtual folder.
  • NUnit is not distributed with this application. Users can install it, or (preferably) add the assemblies within a "Tools" folder and reference in the test projects.
I've created a patch for this, and attached it here (not sure if this is the correct place for it...).

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